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      My love for animals and all the little details God created in nature have always inspired me to be creative. People often ask me where I learned to paint and draw. I can't remember ever not loving to draw, paint or be creative. I love face painting and to work in colored pencils and sketch in pen and ink. I paint pet portraits, wild life art and nature scenes, I love working in mixed media and adding lots of texture to my art by embellishing beads, ribbon and lace into my work. 


I fell in love with Face Painting over 16 years ago when I was asked to face paint at a small festival in Maryland. I never stopped, turned face painting into a party business and have been face painting ever since.  It is so much fun, you are the canvas and when I am done you are a walking work of art!

God has gifted me with the talent to draw, paint and be creative. I feel blessed to be able to share my gift is such a fun way.